We need your help!

We need your help to find the best android application for the following:

Location alert


Location alert is a program that remind you when you arrive near to a place. You don’t know when will you be next to the market, so you cannot use the “old type time alert” for it. You need an alarm, when you are 100m, 50m, etc… from the market. Then you will not forget to buy the milk. 🙂

Why could not find yet?

There are many version of location alert on the Google Play market. But non of one is ok. Because some has no arrangement for the distance. Other has no adjustment for music.
Usually main problem that the GPS is on full day. However the program could use first the approximate location (network base), and when we are close then open the GPS to get the precise location.
And some program is working all time, however we don’t need it all time.
Or just need to many energy…

Looking for:

So we are searching a really useful and powerful location alert, with the following options:

  • can turn on/off
  • GPS will open just when we are close
  • spend few battery

If you know one, and you tested it, please, write!

Where is my family?


Like the clock in the Harry Potter. It show where are the children, wife, or husband. Don’t need exact location (there are many programs for it). Only short: work, home, on the way, etc… It can have a small notification, like “children arrived to the school”.

Why could not find yet?

There are many programs that show or friends, children, etc… on the map. But we don’t need exact place. And don’t need to spend to much battery because of full day GPS using.

Looking for:

A simple list or notification, that “X arrived to home” or “Y arrived to School”. That’s all. 🙂

If you know one, and you tested it, please, write!


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