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Do you  want to control your phone from your computer.

I mean control. REAL control.

And you do not need any cable or something else.

You can see your files on the phone. You can upload and download. And you still not need any cable.

You can see your contacts.
You can see your images.
You can listen to your musics.
You can see your apps.
AND you can make a phone call. Yep, from your desktop computer, using your phone.

And many many more. 🙂 (like find your phone when you lost it.)

Ah, and your phone can be everywhere. It works with Wifi, and mobile internet.

Download here!



Have it ever happen with you that you have a contact, image, file, music and program, and want to share with your friend near to you? How do you start?

Send by e-mail? Open bluetooth? Share on Facebook? Need long-long-long-long-long-long time with typing or adjusting.

But it can easy! Just start bump, and hit the phones together. Just bump! 🙂 The you can share immediately your contacts, photos, files, apps, and many many other things.

Bump can work with iPhone too, not only Android. And now you can sync with your computer too. Click here!

If you have bump, the sharing will be easy. Just be carefully, and do not bmup to strong! 🙂

Download here!


The real Dropbox synchronization.

There are many programs using Dropbox. But usually they make only a backup your pictures. That is a one-way synchronization.

But with Dropsync you can have real two-way synchronization.

With this program you can make the following:
Choose one (or more with PRO version) folder in your phone, and sync it to Dropbox. With the official desktop application of Dropbox you can have the same folder in your desktop computer.
Now, when you copy a new file to your desktop folder, it will go to your phones folder. And back.

So this program can help to really synchronize between the desktop and the phone. And if you want, you can sync with your family, friends, etc… You can have a main Share folder (like picture folder), that every friends can see.

Download here!