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Out of Milk Shopping List

The Ultimate shopping list!

Okey, ToDo, Lists, and shopping lits are really a lot for Android. So why this?

Because you can synchronize the shopping list!

Your wife/husband will never need to send you e-mail or SMS to buy something. It will be enough to write to your list!

A synchronized shopping list is cool and make the shopping better. If you buy something, your wife/husband will see it too. You will never buy something twice.

And of course this is a modern shopping list.

You can write to your list in different lists (food list, car list, cosmetic list, etc…). You can choose which you want to share (do not share the car shopping list with your wife! 🙂 ).

You can make categories, like milk products, bread products, etc… Then you will not go zig-zag in the market. 🙂

And the program has barcode too. Before you put the empty chips box to the dustbin, read the barcode. Then it will be in your (or wifes/husbands) shopping list. Next time you will not forget to buy a new one. 🙂

Download here!


My Recipes

I was searching for an online-mobile book for my recipes since long time. I really tried all of them, but all has some problem. Like no creating option from Desktop computer (I needed it to copy my old recipes), no working with non-English language, no synchronise, no install to my phone, etc…

But with My Recipes I can really start cooking together with my phone or tablet! 🙂

  • It has MY recipes, not someone else.
  • I can copy my old recipes in a desktop computer.
  • I can sync and share it with my friends, family
  • I can make shopping list (never forget any ingredient)
  • I can use my language

Other lovely features:

  • Have tags
  • Can calculate half, double, triple, or quadruple
  • Disable your lock scree

And more nice features:

  • Share by e-mail
  • Share by Facebook
  • Use images for the recipes
  • Search your recipes by ingredient!
  • Using Dropbox for store

Download here!
Trial version here