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My Augmented Reality

Find the way back to your hotel, car, or any place without map!

Sometimes we have good quality map. Sometimes not. And sometimes the map is not enough to find a way to somewhere or back.

This app is not a navigation program. It is something different! 🙂

My Augmented Reality show you which way you need to go to arrive to a point. And it show also how far is it now.

The points are added by you with a name what you want, like My car, the target, Hotel, etc.

Where good when you want to save a point where you want to go back. And for it not need internet connection. Or you can save target points before you start walking in a foreign place, like a forest.

But don’t forget: this program show the direct way to the target. But not every time this is the shortest. Maybe there is a river on the way. 😉

Download here!


MapMyWalk GPS Walking

Do you interest on how long do you walk in every day? Do you want to learn now much calorie do you use with a trio?

MapMyWalk+ is great for fitness, hiking, weight loss, calorie counting, and more.

You can track you walking, then save, share or whatever you want.

And the best, when you stop somewhere for eating, or just check a shop, the GPS logger will stop automatic. And when you continue to walk, the logging will continue too. You have no work with it! 🙂

Download here!

Download other outdoor activity like running, cycling, hiking or dog walking! 🙂