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My Recipes

I was searching for an online-mobile book for my recipes since long time. I really tried all of them, but all has some problem. Like no creating option from Desktop computer (I needed it to copy my old recipes), no working with non-English language, no synchronise, no install to my phone, etc…

But with My Recipes I can really start cooking together with my phone or tablet! 🙂

  • It has MY recipes, not someone else.
  • I can copy my old recipes in a desktop computer.
  • I can sync and share it with my friends, family
  • I can make shopping list (never forget any ingredient)
  • I can use my language

Other lovely features:

  • Have tags
  • Can calculate half, double, triple, or quadruple
  • Disable your lock scree

And more nice features:

  • Share by e-mail
  • Share by Facebook
  • Use images for the recipes
  • Search your recipes by ingredient!
  • Using Dropbox for store

Download here!
Trial version here