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Life360 Family Locator

Where is my family?

There are many programs to check where are your friends or family on a map. The build in Google Maps (with latitude) can do the same too.

But usually there are one things that missing:
When I share my position, then everybody can see me. Okey, not everybody, but more then enough.

The Life360 is special for the family. The family members can get information about others, but nobody else. So you can see where is your child when he went for a party.

And there is one more special option: the location alert. The Life360 will give you a message when your child arrived to the school or left it. Or when arrived to home, or left it.

With this program you can do like the Weasleys’ family clock in the Harry Potter. You will not see not only that your child is on the X,Y latitude. You will see that he is in the school.

And of course there are some other features specially for a family, like danger button or private messages.

Download here!