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Give Life to your phone!

Do not be bored any more when checking the battery level!

BathingCat will live inside your phone as a widget and inform you about the battery level and temperate. And it will talk with you to make more fun.

And of course, he will make a hard job for you: bathing. 🙂

To avoid to say something bad to you, do not forget to give milk him sometimes! 🙂

Download here!


App Backup & Restore

Before you format your phone or tablet.
Or before you move to a new phone or tablet

What will happen with your favourite applications?
Do you need to check ALL in the Google Play again?
And what’s about the apps from another place?

The App Backup & Restore is a great program to save all of your applications to the SD card. Then when you need to re-install them (after a factory reset for example) then you can install ALL of them back with some single clicks.

Tip: Use this program together with Dropsync. Then your apps will goes to Dropbox automatic. Then you can download them to an another phone.

Download the app here!

Auto WiFi Toggle

Save battery when you has no wireless connection!
Do not forget to turn on the wifi when you arrived home. Or arrived to the office. Or you arrived to restaurant where is wifi.

The Auto Wifi Toggle is a great solution for turning on/off the Wifi. It will check in every time (depends on your setting, for example every 15 minutes) that you have wireless connection or not. If there is no connection it will turn off the Wifi.

Then the program will check again every time that you arrived a place with wireless network, then it turn on the Wifi.

Download here!

App 2 SD

You have an SD card in your phone? Use it!

SD cards has usually more space then the main memory of the phone. So if you can, you should use all programs from the SD card.

Of course, it is not easy to find which programs can you move to SD card. And when you have many programs, you need to check and copy one by one.

This great app will find you the programs that available to move to the SD card then you can send them easy.

And when you install a new program, this app will check it. And when you can move to the SD card, it will notify you. You will never need to search and check the latest installed programs in the settings.

Download here!