Quick Cam Auto

Okey, you are driving now.

And you use your phone for navigation too with an android apps, like Waze.

And now, there is something interesting in front of you, and you want to take a picture. What now?

  • Stop the car
  • Take of the phone from the holder
  • Go out
  • Open the camera in the phone
  • Take the picture
  • Sit back
  • Put back the phone to the holder
  • Open the navigation program
  • Continue to drive

Does not seems easy. And not everywhere can you stop.

So never do this! Use Quick Cam Auto!

When you drive, and see something interesting, just wave your hand in front of the phone (proximity sensor), and it will take the picture.

You will not need to stop, close the navigation or anything else. Just wave. And you can have hundreds of pictures!

And of course photos can have Geo Tagging too! šŸ™‚

Download here!


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