Baby Monitor

It is a quiet night. The baby is sleeping, and you are watching TV (working on the computer, playing with the android phone).

But bow, you can hear a voice! Like a baby crying! Or not? Or the neighbours baby are crying?

Okey, there is an easier way: Start the baby monitor, and left your phone in the babies room. When he or she will start crying, your phone will call the number you gave it.

The best is, that the program uses the mobile technology. Usually the normal baby alarm has limited range like 30 m. When you go to the garden, you will be out of the range and the alarm will not work. But this program will alarm you even you went to the disco. Of course NEVER let the the baby home alone and go to the disco. But this program will work even you are in the garden, you went to the neighbour.

If you want it can take a picture too and send it to you.

Download here!


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