Travel Pocket

Going to travel? Hurray! Time to spend money! 🙂

But how much?

Travel Pocket is a great app to track your expense.

When you are travelling use this nice program. Every time when you spend money, with some click you can write them. Then you can see how much did you spend yet.

And every time when you spend money, the program will save the date, and the location too. It will help you remember for your spending. And of course you can write notes too.

You can give a starting budget. So it can help you to do not spend too much.

The Travel Pocket uses the currency of the country you are going. You can choose more type of currency if you goes more then one country.

And there is a currency converter too that does not use the daily rate. It uses the rate that you give it. Then you can calculate with the rate of the exchange.

Download here!


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