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MapMyWalk GPS Walking

Do you interest on how long do you walk in every day? Do you want to learn now much calorie do you use with a trio?

MapMyWalk+ is great for fitness, hiking, weight loss, calorie counting, and more.

You can track you walking, then save, share or whatever you want.

And the best, when you stop somewhere for eating, or just check a shop, the GPS logger will stop automatic. And when you continue to walk, the logging will continue too. You have no work with it! 🙂

Download here!

Download other outdoor activity like running, cycling, hiking or dog walking! 🙂



Have it ever happen with you that you have a contact, image, file, music and program, and want to share with your friend near to you? How do you start?

Send by e-mail? Open bluetooth? Share on Facebook? Need long-long-long-long-long-long time with typing or adjusting.

But it can easy! Just start bump, and hit the phones together. Just bump! 🙂 The you can share immediately your contacts, photos, files, apps, and many many other things.

Bump can work with iPhone too, not only Android. And now you can sync with your computer too. Click here!

If you have bump, the sharing will be easy. Just be carefully, and do not bmup to strong! 🙂

Download here!

Life360 Family Locator

Where is my family?

There are many programs to check where are your friends or family on a map. The build in Google Maps (with latitude) can do the same too.

But usually there are one things that missing:
When I share my position, then everybody can see me. Okey, not everybody, but more then enough.

The Life360 is special for the family. The family members can get information about others, but nobody else. So you can see where is your child when he went for a party.

And there is one more special option: the location alert. The Life360 will give you a message when your child arrived to the school or left it. Or when arrived to home, or left it.

With this program you can do like the Weasleys’ family clock in the Harry Potter. You will not see not only that your child is on the X,Y latitude. You will see that he is in the school.

And of course there are some other features specially for a family, like danger button or private messages.

Download here!

Travel Pocket

Going to travel? Hurray! Time to spend money! 🙂

But how much?

Travel Pocket is a great app to track your expense.

When you are travelling use this nice program. Every time when you spend money, with some click you can write them. Then you can see how much did you spend yet.

And every time when you spend money, the program will save the date, and the location too. It will help you remember for your spending. And of course you can write notes too.

You can give a starting budget. So it can help you to do not spend too much.

The Travel Pocket uses the currency of the country you are going. You can choose more type of currency if you goes more then one country.

And there is a currency converter too that does not use the daily rate. It uses the rate that you give it. Then you can calculate with the rate of the exchange.

Download here!