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My Recipes

I was searching for an online-mobile book for my recipes since long time. I really tried all of them, but all has some problem. Like no creating option from Desktop computer (I needed it to copy my old recipes), no working with non-English language, no synchronise, no install to my phone, etc…

But with My Recipes I can really start cooking together with my phone or tablet! 🙂

  • It has MY recipes, not someone else.
  • I can copy my old recipes in a desktop computer.
  • I can sync and share it with my friends, family
  • I can make shopping list (never forget any ingredient)
  • I can use my language

Other lovely features:

  • Have tags
  • Can calculate half, double, triple, or quadruple
  • Disable your lock scree

And more nice features:

  • Share by e-mail
  • Share by Facebook
  • Use images for the recipes
  • Search your recipes by ingredient!
  • Using Dropbox for store

Download here!
Trial version here



The real Dropbox synchronization.

There are many programs using Dropbox. But usually they make only a backup your pictures. That is a one-way synchronization.

But with Dropsync you can have real two-way synchronization.

With this program you can make the following:
Choose one (or more with PRO version) folder in your phone, and sync it to Dropbox. With the official desktop application of Dropbox you can have the same folder in your desktop computer.
Now, when you copy a new file to your desktop folder, it will go to your phones folder. And back.

So this program can help to really synchronize between the desktop and the phone. And if you want, you can sync with your family, friends, etc… You can have a main Share folder (like picture folder), that every friends can see.

Download here!

App 2 SD

You have an SD card in your phone? Use it!

SD cards has usually more space then the main memory of the phone. So if you can, you should use all programs from the SD card.

Of course, it is not easy to find which programs can you move to SD card. And when you have many programs, you need to check and copy one by one.

This great app will find you the programs that available to move to the SD card then you can send them easy.

And when you install a new program, this app will check it. And when you can move to the SD card, it will notify you. You will never need to search and check the latest installed programs in the settings.

Download here!

Cool Reader

Cool ReaderCool Reader is one of the best program for book reading.

There are many programs for Android to read books. They are almost the same, and mostly they cannot open .doc and .rtf.

Cool Reader does not have e-shop, and don’t make abracadabra. It’s only open many formats of books. Easy and cool.

However you have many settings to make your book reading more comfortable.

With Cool Reader you can open the following formats: epub (non-DRM), fb2, doc, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (non-DRM), pml.

Download here!

Cloud Print

Cloud PrintSend a print to home!

You got a mail that you need to print. Or you just took a photo and want to print. But you are far from home. No problem, just send it to home for a print.

The Cloud Print uses the Google Cloud Print services. All you need is only a Google Chrome browser on the computer where your printed was connected. After some short settings, and login you will be enable to print from your phone to Home. If the computer is not open, no problem. When you will start the Google Chrome, it will print automatic.

NEW: if you have an Cloudprint ready printer (Epson, Kodak etc) or HP E-Print enabled printer you don’t need a working PC.

Download here!