Do you  want to control your phone from your computer.

I mean control. REAL control.

And you do not need any cable or something else.

You can see your files on the phone. You can upload and download. And you still not need any cable.

You can see your contacts.
You can see your images.
You can listen to your musics.
You can see your apps.
AND you can make a phone call. Yep, from your desktop computer, using your phone.

And many many more. 🙂 (like find your phone when you lost it.)

Ah, and your phone can be everywhere. It works with Wifi, and mobile internet.

Download here!


Quick Cam Auto

Okey, you are driving now.

And you use your phone for navigation too with an android apps, like Waze.

And now, there is something interesting in front of you, and you want to take a picture. What now?

  • Stop the car
  • Take of the phone from the holder
  • Go out
  • Open the camera in the phone
  • Take the picture
  • Sit back
  • Put back the phone to the holder
  • Open the navigation program
  • Continue to drive

Does not seems easy. And not everywhere can you stop.

So never do this! Use Quick Cam Auto!

When you drive, and see something interesting, just wave your hand in front of the phone (proximity sensor), and it will take the picture.

You will not need to stop, close the navigation or anything else. Just wave. And you can have hundreds of pictures!

And of course photos can have Geo Tagging too! 🙂

Download here!

Baby Monitor

It is a quiet night. The baby is sleeping, and you are watching TV (working on the computer, playing with the android phone).

But bow, you can hear a voice! Like a baby crying! Or not? Or the neighbours baby are crying?

Okey, there is an easier way: Start the baby monitor, and left your phone in the babies room. When he or she will start crying, your phone will call the number you gave it.

The best is, that the program uses the mobile technology. Usually the normal baby alarm has limited range like 30 m. When you go to the garden, you will be out of the range and the alarm will not work. But this program will alarm you even you went to the disco. Of course NEVER let the the baby home alone and go to the disco. But this program will work even you are in the garden, you went to the neighbour.

If you want it can take a picture too and send it to you.

Download here!

My Augmented Reality

Find the way back to your hotel, car, or any place without map!

Sometimes we have good quality map. Sometimes not. And sometimes the map is not enough to find a way to somewhere or back.

This app is not a navigation program. It is something different! 🙂

My Augmented Reality show you which way you need to go to arrive to a point. And it show also how far is it now.

The points are added by you with a name what you want, like My car, the target, Hotel, etc.

Where good when you want to save a point where you want to go back. And for it not need internet connection. Or you can save target points before you start walking in a foreign place, like a forest.

But don’t forget: this program show the direct way to the target. But not every time this is the shortest. Maybe there is a river on the way. 😉

Download here!


Remote control your PC from your phone or tablet!

Do you have a long process at home (like rendering, downloading, etc..)? Okey, you started the process, left open the computer, and left home.

But maybe 2 minutes later there will be an error. Or a question. And the process stopped. Waiting for to press only one button. But you are far from the computer!

With TeamViewer you can view and control your computer at home, or in your workplace. If your computer is waiting for pressing a button, you can do it from your phone. And no matter how far you!

Or you can help to you mother. She call you, and one minutes later you can start to control her computer and fix the problem. 🙂

Or when you are a boss, you can check what the workers do when you are on holiday! 😀

You will need to install the TeamViewer to you desktop computer (free for home users). Read more.

Download here!


You got a business card from your new party. What will you do to insert to your addressbook?

Will you start typing?
Oh no, please!

Just scan it! 🙂 You have a phone with camera!

Take a picture about the new businesscard, then recognize it.

This program is not only a simple scanner application. It will understand the card what is the name, title, company name, address, etc…

So the only thing you need to do it take a picture, start the recognition, check and save. 2 minutes only.

And if you want, you can give back the card too. 🙂

Download here!


Give Life to your phone!

Do not be bored any more when checking the battery level!

BathingCat will live inside your phone as a widget and inform you about the battery level and temperate. And it will talk with you to make more fun.

And of course, he will make a hard job for you: bathing. 🙂

To avoid to say something bad to you, do not forget to give milk him sometimes! 🙂

Download here!

Out of Milk Shopping List

The Ultimate shopping list!

Okey, ToDo, Lists, and shopping lits are really a lot for Android. So why this?

Because you can synchronize the shopping list!

Your wife/husband will never need to send you e-mail or SMS to buy something. It will be enough to write to your list!

A synchronized shopping list is cool and make the shopping better. If you buy something, your wife/husband will see it too. You will never buy something twice.

And of course this is a modern shopping list.

You can write to your list in different lists (food list, car list, cosmetic list, etc…). You can choose which you want to share (do not share the car shopping list with your wife! 🙂 ).

You can make categories, like milk products, bread products, etc… Then you will not go zig-zag in the market. 🙂

And the program has barcode too. Before you put the empty chips box to the dustbin, read the barcode. Then it will be in your (or wifes/husbands) shopping list. Next time you will not forget to buy a new one. 🙂

Download here!

MapMyWalk GPS Walking

Do you interest on how long do you walk in every day? Do you want to learn now much calorie do you use with a trio?

MapMyWalk+ is great for fitness, hiking, weight loss, calorie counting, and more.

You can track you walking, then save, share or whatever you want.

And the best, when you stop somewhere for eating, or just check a shop, the GPS logger will stop automatic. And when you continue to walk, the logging will continue too. You have no work with it! 🙂

Download here!

Download other outdoor activity like running, cycling, hiking or dog walking! 🙂


Have it ever happen with you that you have a contact, image, file, music and program, and want to share with your friend near to you? How do you start?

Send by e-mail? Open bluetooth? Share on Facebook? Need long-long-long-long-long-long time with typing or adjusting.

But it can easy! Just start bump, and hit the phones together. Just bump! 🙂 The you can share immediately your contacts, photos, files, apps, and many many other things.

Bump can work with iPhone too, not only Android. And now you can sync with your computer too. Click here!

If you have bump, the sharing will be easy. Just be carefully, and do not bmup to strong! 🙂

Download here!